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Explore the World of Drematik: An Rising Independent Star

Drematik Media is owned by Drematik since 2023 the founder of this company, also known as an rising independent artist/musician and developing his career as an entrepreneur who has collaborated with former Platinum producer K.E on the Track whose produced for many major artist such as Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Future, Kid Ink, & among others.

Based in Connecticut, Drematik’s music is swiftly raking a stream of positive attention. An artist who inspires fans and listeners with his relatable style and stories. Drematik continues to develop and release original remixes, exclusive tracks, and new content on platforms such as Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, QQMusic, Apple Music, etc. Narrating the vivid and impactful stories of those who have been experiencing hardships through making friends, trying to fit in but seeming to stand out by forming nothing in to something. “Friendz” is set to be followed by 'Tales' a solo Extended Play project. Illustrating the life experiences that Drematik has undergone and everything that describes the artist, the upcoming EP is set to become a hit amongst fans. Subscribe our mailing list for news and updates on rewards and other exclusive offers.


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